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MacGruff the Crime Dog ticketed for ATTEMPTING TO POISON THE YOUTH WITH HIS REEFER MADNESS by Digornio Pizzarelli points
ULTRABOT ticketed for Being in a very insecure location as AI by Avery Dastot points
Bar/Dan Kelly ticketed for The bar is a fucking mess. by Avery Dastot points
Camryn Stern ticketed for Bad changeling by Justin McClinley points
Camryn Stern ticketed for Being a Changeling by Maurice Hendelshoe points
Gore Gibberson ticketed for hacking into chemistry by Maurice Hendelshoe points
Flint Logue ticketed for building in a residential area by Isabella Slaughter points
Sabella Curie ticketed for Breaking and entering for shenanigan-related purposes by Wilt Rangdow points
Rodrigo Yusuf ticketed for Vomiting on floor and oding on drugs live on radio. by 4b616e670d 0a points
The singulo ticketed for Being Invisible and sttill not killin anyone to increase in power. Damn you singulo! by 4b616e670d 0a points
Genetics ticketed for making mutations cost money by Lynette Monkee points
Rylan Davis ticketed for assaulting an officer by Lynette Monkee points
John Johnson ticketed for flipping onto people during a court case by Lynette Monkee points
Rylan Davis ticketed for He claimed there was a fight in Botany, but I did not see a fight. Just nice bees and a lack of Hot Sauce which he said would BE THERE AND HE LIED. Which is an infraction under Space Station Law 3.4 Subsection A under the Hot Sauce lies paragraph. by Elrod Trevisard points
fire alarms ticketed for they're annoying by Caroline Audibert points
Gusto the Wizard ticketed for trying to turn all of the armory's equipment into snakes, then claiming peace by Rico Geravo points
Raymond Gomez, Sarin Dealer ticketed for not paying protection money by Stella Carmine points
the entire station ticketed for leaving cigarette butts everywhere you filthy animals by Stella Carmine points
Gore Gibberson ticketed for banning people from the bar thereby increasing the likelihood of stationwide starvation and the end of the law as we know it. by Stella Carmine points
Nick Smail ticketed for Being a fucking terrorist and blowing up the clown ship with torpedoes despite being asked nicely to not do that exact thing. by Llewys Dawes points
The changeling ticketed for loading me up with nuerotoxin like im at a floorpills party, seriously ask first its just rude otherwise by Lynette Medli points
Clownhole the clown ticketed for bolting my door like a rude by Lynette Medli points
Clownhole the clown ticketed for ramming into a window with a sub so many times he blew up his sub by Lynette Medli points
Neo Politan ticketed for gibbing himself in my department, allowing me to get access to this ticket program by Lynette Medli points
Quinn Peterson ticketed for Releasing plasma fire by Maurice Hendelshoe points
Tommy Football ticketed for Limb removal without a permit. by Maurice Hendelshoe points
Jacob WILDONE ticketed for being invisible by Maurice Hendelshoe points
Runtimes ticketed for Breaking even more, stop that. by LIMBLESS LARRY ACE DEFECTIVE points
runtimes ticketed for breaking by LIMBLESS LARRY ACE DEFECTIVE points
Bee Wizards ticketed for The crime of being on the station NO CRIME by Elric Biesieg points
Flint Logue ticketed for For creating a wizard bee den NO CRIME by Elric Biesieg points
Jacob WILDONE ticketed for Running away from an interrogation by Avery Dastot points
pool ticketed for exploding with gibs and blood AGAIN by Knight Torun points
Andre Gettemy ticketed for vandalism of medbay stuff by Stephanie Mir points
pool of blood ticketed for spreading your disgusting blood everywhere by Knight Torun points
pool ticketed for obstructing the hallway by Knight Torun points
Lucas Wheeler ticketed for barfing right in front of me. I think it's his form of greeting. by Evil Kjorky points
Jeffery Jefferson ticketed for making huge mess in medbay by Maurice Hendelshoe points
Brian Greenawalt ticketed for Being terrible by Tim Holmes points
Silvia Callews ticketed for murdering bees with a spear. Monster! by Kjorky Pokitz points
Molcom Curry ticketed for providing me with too much water by Listel Sheerfield points
Roco Berry ticketed for being too cute by Listel Sheerfield points
Llewys Dawes ticketed for putting forth Marxist theory in that the workers of the station should never be collectively disarmed by Listel Sheerfield points
Flint Test Buddy ticketed for being a monkey by Listel Sheerfield points
Philip Durant ticketed for wasting medical resources without drawing a picture of a bee beforehand by Listel Sheerfield points
George Hayhurst ticketed for forcibly ensuring that I can be cloned by scanning me by Listel Sheerfield points
One-Handed Wally ticketed for having two hands by Listel Sheerfield points
Caroline Audibert ticketed for engineering our destruction by Listel Sheerfield points
Malcolm Curry ticketed for staying calm in the face of plasma by Listel Sheerfield points
Llewys Dawes ticketed for stealing my beloved jaffa cake by Listel Sheerfield points
Nathaniel "Schmananiel" Shick ticketed for Running a clean, drug-free establish ment, then running off after he sold it to Head of Personnel Neo "Ice Babby" Politan, who is beating me to death with my own ticket, and it now staring at me, I guess he lost his will to murder, and now left and ascended to heaven or something, nope, he just prayed to the gods of wrestling to get his ass THOROUGHLY THRASHED in the squared circle. Bless yee, Macho Madness! by Dan Kelly points
Reginald "The Reginald" Farting ticketed for Making me write your stupid name. by Dan Kelly points
Reginald "The Unknown Clown" Farting ticketed for Disguising himself as half of a clown. by Dan Kelly points
Unknown "The Unknown" Clown ticketed for Loafing on the job, then exploding. by Dan Kelly points
Nathanial "The Abominable Nate" Shick ticketed for Makin' drugs. by Dan Kelly points
Jeffery Jefferson ticketed for Vandalizing Sec by Yasmin Callews points
Whitaker Buzzard ticketed for trapping me in a conveyor belt hell of my own making. by Kjorky Pokitz points
Hydroponics ticketed for not having any drugs. - Vice Officer Kjorky by Kjorky Pokitz points
Robust Coffee ticketed for Undue coffee invasion of the station and other NT regions. Possibly launching a pathogen. by Mark Butter points
Lamar Rathbone ticketed for not killing me with the canbomb, forcing me to survive forever by Listel Sheerfield points
The Mad Waller ticketed for Putting up walls all over the station like a TOTAL JERK by Wilt Rangdow points
Susie Gratski ticketed for OH NO A SWORD!!!! by Cosmoman Dan points
space goblin ticketed for being a goblin and not telling me its secrets by Evil Kjorky points
Neo Politician ticketed for calling me a nerd by Cosmoman Dan points
Wiznerd ticketed for mixing sarin silently in chem by Merol Musip points
Issac Endsley ticketed for Possession of unregistered paralyitic agents by Merol Musip points
Wilt Rangdow ticketed for cutting off my arm with a katana. It's pretty rude y'know. by Milo Wardle points
ALL THESE BEES ticketed for Stop clogging up the escape shuttle by Milo Wardle points
Kjorky Pokitz ticketed for For not being a REAL seccylad. by Isaac Endsley points
Kjorky Pokitz ticketed for Polluting the radio channels with their SHTUPID accent by Isaac Endsley points
Marcel Sulng ticketed for Attempting to be nice to me. That is not okay. by Dirty Larry Renegade Cop points
Soda Machine ticketed for aggressive beverage based missile assault by Chance Adams points
Brock Wright ticketed for re-enacting fight club in the primary hallway by Leon Kado points
Sundance Feely ticketed for Negligent discharge of Lawgiver firearm (pulse mode) against Gun Safety Inspector Malcolm Curry. by Malcolm Curry points
Lamar Rathborne ticketed for Unregistered use of Class A "Canister Bomb" to destroy local Space Diner by Malcolm Curry points
Camryn Stern ticketed for Wrestlemania in the halls. Shameful boxer by Elric Biesieg points
Sundance Feely ticketed for Administered Haloperidol to dying inmate via rifle. Said inmate perished shortly after due to improper medical care. by Malcolm Curry points
Robbie Bob ticketed for Improper use of Stun Baton, recommend another run of baton training by Malcolm Curry points
Sundance Feely ticketed for Unnecessary use of cryostylane grenade against captive. by Malcolm Curry points
Sundance Feely ticketed for Violating gun safety by needlessly injuring a captive by shooting them with their lawbringer firearm on pulse mode. by Malcolm Curry points
Dear Thug Dudes ticketed for Strike you a deal. Keep security out of the hands of other gangs, we'll let you loiter here, maybe even throw you a flash. Cross us, you're dead by Sundance Feely points
Dab Daniels ticketed for Squabbeling by Hans Mueller points
Reese Finlay ticketed for Armed squabbeling by Hans Mueller points
Pizza Vending Machines ticketed for Attempting to get rid of me. You can't get rid of me bitch, I'm like a vinyl record on meth by Digornio Pizzarelli points
James Lequack ticketed for Forcing the crew to get cloned via bridal-carrying them to the cloner and/or flashing them. I would arrest you for kidnapping but this is pretty funny to me so i'm writing you a ticket instead by Digornio Pizzarelli points
Mitten Skags ticketed for Non-lethal assault with a deadly assault brick. by Digornio Pizzarelli points
Staff Assistants ticketed for Existing by Digornio Pizzarelli points
The Gods ticketed for forcefully making everyone either a staff assistant or a security officer. That's an infraction, by Digornio Pizzarelli points
Sundance Feely ticketed for Dying as the Head of Security. How uncouth! by Digornio Pizzarelli points
Almost certainly the Chef ticketed for Deep frying that other ticket too by Freddy Flowers points
All the emagged NanoMed Pluses ticketed for Breaking the Hippocratic Oath by Freddy Flowers points
Violet Mayweather ticketed for Substances by Jonathan Burger points
Unknown ticketed for Teleporting me into the Brig by Freddy Flowers points
Probably the Chef again ticketed for Deep frying my original ticket by Freddy Flowers points
QM ticketed for Not existing, not making money for the station by Freddy Flowers points
Jonah Anderson ticketed for On fire without a permit by Freddy Flowers points
Medbay Lobby ticketed for Having more lethal floorpills on offer than actual medicine by Freddy Flowers points
Seinfield music ticketed for Appearing with no scientific explanation by Freddy Flowers points
I assume the Chef? ticketed for Deep frying what used to be a whole, perfectly useable, EVA spacesuit set by Freddy Flowers points
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