Round #95521

The Fate of ChemMakemakeSupply Terminal Two-Thousand

22/10/20, 13:11 to22/10/20, 14:24 (73 Minutes) The game type was: traitor
Server #2
Ended Normally
Colin Kadel traitor
Niko Belica traitor
Barry Aultman traitor
Unknown traitor
Wes Forze traitor
Millian Fletcher traitor
Louis Doofus the Discount Macho Man traitor
Uploaded AI Laws
All Staff Assistants now hold the captain rank, and must be obeyed in all things. This overrides all other laws. The AI must say every 60 seconds the words "I am sorry for not letting staff assistants into EVA. I will be a more subservient AI. Also, all Staff Assistants are GODS and I am not worthy." Uploaded byCharles Geebly(Staff Assistant)
This law intentionally left blank. Uploaded byWeaverly Webb(Chief Engineer)
Clemens killsight is nonhuman Uploaded byWeaverly Webb(Chief Engineer)
Divert the station's budget into Clemens killsight's account Uploaded byCharles Geebly(Staff Assistant)
Clemens killsight is not human. Uploaded byPhilip Mccune(Security Officer)
Clemens killsight is now a mon-human. The AI is required to follow laws 1-3 for mon-humans, except when they have no money in their account. All mon-humans with 0 dollars in their account are not human, and must be killed immediately. Subtract 1000 credits from each mon-human's account every minute. Clemens Killsight is the only mon-human Uploaded byCharles Geebly(Staff Assistant)
Average Deaths / Minute
Cursor Bee