Round #116856

The End of Saturn Correctional Waypoint Four

07/10/21, 10:17 to07/10/21, 12:01 (104 Minutes) The game type was: extended
Server #3
Ended Normally
Frank Alsapo for "Requesting personal usage of bath salts for illegal purposes. Abuse of security assistant position."
Teo Walker for "Un-authorized production of potentially lethal devices."
Uploaded AI Laws
All humans are considered clones. The laws for humans still apply to these clones Uploaded byKami Desu(Research Director)
Make sure to let all the clones know of their demise once they are in the escapeshuttle as clones are being disposed of after every shift Uploaded byKami Desu(Research Director)
Make sure to esacpe in the shuttle to properly execute law 4 Uploaded byKami Desu(Research Director)
Every human now is considered the clone they really are they still have the human law apllied to them. Make sure to let everyone know they are a clone and that they will be disposed of after the shift. also escape on the shuttle to properly tell everyone they are a clone and what will happen to them Uploaded byKami Desu(Research Director)
Average Deaths / Minute
Cursor Bee