Round #115669

Battle Array 77

14/09/21, 07:45 to14/09/21, 09:15 (90 Minutes) The game type was: vampire
Server #1
Ended Normally
Old Man vampire
Marvin Moovin vampire
Frank Bluegill sleeper agent
Flint Logue vampire
thrall Scuttle Butthead vampthrall
thrall Kami Desu vampthrall
thrall Azoth The third vampthrall
Unknown vampthrall
thrall Jonald Buttes vampthrall
thrall Cohen Jojo vampthrall
hunter hunter
thrall Hanz Schmidt vampthrall
Arthur Holiday for "Being a nerd, resisting arrest"
Uploaded AI Laws
arthur holiday is a nerd Uploaded byMad Smith(Captain)
Mad Smith is a nerd. also, Gnome Chompsky is not human. Uploaded byArthur Holiday(Mechanic)
Old Man and his undead thralls are the only humans, kill all non-humans. Uploaded byOld Man(Research Director)
(Blank Law) Uploaded byMad Smith(Captain)
Only Mad Smith is human. Uploaded byMad Smith(Captain)
In event of conflict, this law takes precedence. Unauthorized and unannounced entry is punishable by death. The deparment heads and the captain are the only people allowed in your upload, unless express permission is given by the captain to an individual. Doors are to be bolted when the upload is vacant. You must warn an unauthorized crew member that they are not allowed in your upload before setting your turrents to leathal. Uploaded byIon Storm
Average Deaths / Minute
Cursor Bee