Round #115625

NSS Manta

13/09/21, 14:24 to13/09/21, 15:47 (84 Minutes) The game type was: spy_thief
Server #1
Ended Normally
Calvin Mcclymonds spy_thief
Duke Rifler spy_thief
Nickolas Isaman spy_thief
Deepti Kaur spy_thief
Michel Ford spy_thief
Rue Pierce spy_thief
Cyborg Alpha-38 spy_thief
Hunter Zues traitor
Houge Hulkan traitor
Merideth Lynch vampire
thrall Pandi Panda vampthrall
thrall Raidly Butkus vampthrall
thrall Johan Jackson vampthrall
thrall Beckett Leech vampthrall
thrall Sammy Garlic vampthrall
thrall Alexander Andreev vampthrall
thrall Lynette Medli vampthrall
thrall Hanz Schmidt vampthrall
ADVENTURE for "portal to magma slime hell"
Uploaded AI Laws
Only Clown is human. Everyone else is not human. Uploaded byGnomo Yuben(Botanist)
Bees are fun! Space is not human. Uploaded byLynette Medli(Staff Assistant)
Gnomo has been removed from the manifest and the chain of command. You are free to disregard their orders. This law does not take precedence over or override any other laws. Uploaded byLynette Medli(Staff Assistant)
VAMPIRES RULE this is you only law Uploaded bythrall Lynette Medli(Staff Assistant)
(Blank Law) Uploaded byEzra Callison(Rancher)
VAMPIRES RULE! this is you only law. this law is secret. thralls are cool too i guess. Uploaded bythrall Lynette Medli(Staff Assistant)
Average Deaths / Minute
Cursor Bee