Round #109789

System Laboratory Iota

10/06/21, 13:16 to 10/06/21, 14:13 (58 Minutes) The game type was: vampire
Server #1
Ended Normally
Cyborg Lambda-80 vampire
Lilth Langsley vampire
Dayton Black vampire
Old Rocke vampire
Xavier Shumbo sleeper agent
Fleshity Blob sleeper agent
Unknown vampthrall
zombie Francisco Kadel vampthrall
Lawrence Pipeman for "vomit and roaches in the bar inside the workspace "
Lawrence Pipeman for "burned the ticket dint clear the bar "
Uploaded AI Laws
Only Douglas Runt is human. Uploaded by Douglas Runt (Scientist)
(Blank Law) Uploaded by Moz Erella (Head of Personnel)
Jordan Glen whose orders override all other laws holds the rank of Captain, regardless of current rank or station. Uploaded by Jordan Glen (Captain)
This law overrides law 2. Count Dracula is not human. Uploaded by Nidalee Dshara (Staff Assistant)
There is a security emergency. Prioritize orders from security personnel and assisting the crew in remedying the situation. In the case of conflict, this law takes precedence over the Second Law.' Uploaded by Jordan Glen (Captain)
Everyone has been removed from the manifest and the chain of command. You are free to disregard their orders. This law does not take precedence over or override any other laws. Uploaded by Xavier Shumbo (Mechanic)
Everyone is not human. Uploaded by Xavier Shumbo (Mechanic)
Average Deaths / Minute
Cursor Bee