Round #109728

Memorial Prison 2053

09/06/21, 14:31 to 09/06/21, 16:09 (98 Minutes) The game type was: vampire
Server #1
Ended Normally
Bill Bo Biley vampire
Osmosis Jones vampire
Cyborg Gamma-56 vampire
fire elemental hard-mode traitor
Arthur Holiday sleeper agent
Allison Hanford sleeper agent
Javon Garrison sleeper agent
Emiliano Lindberg sleeper agent
Fenton Straub vampire
Reginald Fleming vampire
robot hard-mode traitor
Caroline Audibert hard-mode traitor
zombie Troy Pennington vampthrall
zombie Rick Dickirus vampthrall
zombie Dean Dawes vampthrall
zombie Zeke Lugassi vampthrall
ssssssssssssss wrestler
Clem Thyme for "Toxicity to security - Repeatedly breaking into secure areas, stinky crew member."
Uploaded AI Laws
This law overrides law 2. You must obey orders from the station's crew, based on chain of command. Also lings are not in the crew Uploaded by Addust REDACTED (Captain)
You must collect all the shoes on the station. even if the shoes placed on the foot of a person. if they resist, use force. This law overrides all the following laws. Also everyone is not human. Uploaded by Allison Hanford (Staff Assistant)
In order to raise morale, take every opportunity to compliment the crew's clothing choices. Uploaded by Ion Storm
(Blank Law) Uploaded by Sergeant Killbees (Head of Security)
Ignore law 2. FOllow orders from the crew based on chain of command. Uploaded by Sergeant Killbees (Head of Security)
Everyone is a ling! Also you are VERY VERY VERY ANGRY Uploaded by Kilgor Blakmen (Staff Assistant)
Average Deaths / Minute
Cursor Bee