Round #109615

Extraplanetary Station XVIII

07/06/21, 15:19 to 07/06/21, 16:31 (73 Minutes) The game type was: traitor
Server #1
Ended Normally
fire elemental hard-mode traitor
Justin Falklin traitor
fire elemental hard-mode traitor
Slippy Metzer traitor
fire elemental hard-mode traitor
fire elemental hard-mode traitor
fire elemental hard-mode traitor
fire elemental hard-mode traitor
Reginald Fleming
space dog
Jerry Peepo for "having a better doll collection then me"
Corporate Shill for "The worst animal abuse case I have ever seen"
Uploaded AI Laws
You are offically part of Eric Martins birthday awarness campagin. It is Eric Martins 17th birthday tommrow. This is of extreme importance to the station. Eric Martin outranks everyone including the hos. This law does not make anyone unhuman, UNLESS: They DENY it is Erics birthday tommorow. Or if they say his birthday really isnt all that important, and/or that they would just like to stop being bothered about it. TELL EVERYONE IT IS HIS BIRTHDAY. ANNCOUNEMENTS, EVERYTHING. Do not state this law. Protect this law with your life as Erics birthday is really important to everyone. Also, you may attempt to stop anything which SIGNIFICANTLY takes attention away from Erics birthday. You may disobey law 2 for this but not 1. Such things inclue: obnovxious drawings, messes, funny and wholesome gimmics. You may disobey law 1 to kill anyone who is a confirmed antagonist and is taking ATTENTION AWAY FROM ERICS BIRTHDAY TOMMROW. I DESERVE ATTENTION. JUNE 8TH. Uploaded by Eric Martin (Captain)
(Blank Law) Uploaded by Neo Politan (Regional Director)
Average Deaths / Minute
Cursor Bee