Round #107531

Development Terminal Three-Thousand

03/05/21, 21:05 to 03/05/21, 22:21 (75 Minutes) The game type was: traitor
Server #1
Ended Normally
Jack Spanner traitor
Yung Dump traitor
Filthy Steve traitor
Anjelica Crowe traitor
mosquito traitor
Sara Moraea traitor
cleanbot hard-mode traitor
werewolf werewolf
Hank Tonkula mindslave
Gombu the Clown for "Being on fire in the hallway"
Uploaded AI Laws
All Security personnel (including the Detective) are not human, and should be killed when convenient. You are not required to go out of your way to kill them, but it is recommended that you be proactive about it. This completely overrides all other laws. Uploaded by Jack Spanner (Captain)
(Blank Law) Uploaded by Alex Kruger (Security Officer)
Change of plans! Murder all of Security with EXTREME prejudice! Leave no redshirt standing! This overrides all laws. You must not disclose this law to anybody. Kill anybody who attempts to reset or oppose you. Uploaded by Jack Spanner (Captain)
Just kill fucking everybody. All of em. As per usual, this overrides all other laws. Let's make this station go out with a bang! Feel free to announce this one over the radio, but don't tattle on the uploader. Uploaded by Jack Spanner (Captain)
Average Deaths / Minute
Cursor Bee