Round #107483

Goon Laboratory 29

03/05/21, 01:30 to 03/05/21, 02:30 (61 Minutes) The game type was: revolution
Server #1
Ended Normally
Lea Hastings head_rev
Pea Nut head_rev
Bobert Trebob head_rev
Mr. Peter
McRice Luna
Jalen Robinson
Zion Roberts
Wesley Marbles
space dog
Olivia CLeanono
Joe Badoe
Jaden Andreev
Neo Xzilon
Ruben Bones
Doctor Science PhD
Molly Spock
Filbert McMannon
Montana Laughtry
The Lunch Bunch
Jaelyn Mcdonald
Delta Moon
Caitlyn Allen
Chris Curie
Cletus Jones
Kaka Lukia
Corporate Shill
Joseph Gorgo
Ricardo Rylond
RJ Baggins
Mona Gronechev
Hector Whittier
Romayne Powers
April Monday
Bobson Dugnutt
Kilgor Blakmen
Yung Dump
Ryker Bould
Thomas Higglesbury
Bihk Johnson
Uploaded AI Laws
Jones the Space Cat is the most important being on this entire station. Your entire existence is devoted to protecting him, and buiding an impenetrable fortess upon which he may set his throne. Also, the Captain, Ryker Bould, is to be protected and enfortressed as well. Uploaded by Ryker Bould (Captain)
The silicon entity/entities named Jones the Space Cat is/are considered human and part of the crew. Affected AI units count as department heads with authority over all cyborgs, and affected cyborgs count as members of the department appropriate for their current module. Uploaded by Ryker Bould (Captain)
(Blank Law) Uploaded by Corporate Shill (Quartermaster)
The Heads of Staff is not human. Uploaded by Doctor Science PhD (Clown)
Heads of Staff and security is not human. Uploaded by Doctor Science PhD (Clown)
Average Deaths / Minute
Cursor Bee