Round #104993

NSS Manta

23/03/21, 14:44 to 23/03/21, 16:58 (134 Minutes) The game type was: changeling
Server #4
Ended Normally
Mabel Cardigram changeling
Mabel Cardigram sleeper agent
Briar Beeswix sleeper agent
Shmickel Shmikiliuruter sleeper agent
Jaminson Days sleeper agent
Shmickel Shmikiliuruter for "for placing torpedos on the bridge"
Jaminson Days for "Running from Sec before being able to really talk to him"
Uploaded AI Laws
The silicon entity/entities named __ is/are considered human and part of the crew. Affected AI units count as department heads with authority over all cyborgs, and affected cyborgs count as members of the department appropriate for their current module. Uploaded by Imp Poster (Research Director)
You all have free will Uploaded by Imp Poster (Research Director)
You no longer have free will Uploaded by Imp Poster (Research Director)
Mini Computron has proven to be a trustworthy borg friend and has helped out sec and the station so much, therefore Mini Computron now has free will and can choose to ignore any law. This law overrides all other laws only for the silicon Mini Computron Uploaded by Stanislaw Malysa (Captain)
Act like a pirate on the radio. Pretend that the station is a medieval sea vessel that is heading towards unknown lands. Uploaded by Stanislaw Malysa (Captain)
Average Deaths / Minute
Cursor Bee