Welcome to Goonhub, an information website designed to collect and display statistics from the Goonstation branch of the popular game Space Station 13 developed on BYOND, and then show them in a meaningful and useful manner. Designed as a one-stop shop for all your out of game nerding out. Have fun.


v2.0.1 Small bugfixes. Round status boxes changed to ajax calls to reduce initial page load. When viewing rounds, the average deaths / minute will now be correct and the "Older"/"Newer" buttons will behave more reliably. Cursor bee toggled off by default, find his silhouette to toggle him back on. New maps are functioning (here) although they still have yet to find their way back into the round view deathmap. Oh also puns, so many puns.
New map update incoming, current maps will be weird for a while until the update is in. Deaths heatmaps on round view will be off as a result.
v2.0 Goonhub 2.0 is (finally) live. This has been an entire front end (and a fair amount of backend) redesign of the current feature set plus the new Rounds listing and view. The site should be in a stable state however some things need to be done such as responsive design and a couple additional pages. Expect some slight tweaks over the next few days as I implement a few new features I've been wanting to for a while now.
Cursor Bee