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Collin Whipple ticketed for Giving out unstable genes, permanently harming NT property. by Hazel Adenine 0 points
Rico Geravo ticketed for Murder suicide or something like that, I don't know but I lost my arm by Bonnie Bandit 0 points
Bonnie Bandit ticketed for Losing NT property (arm). Bleeding all over medbay. by Hazel Adenine 0 points
Losing property of NT (arm). Bleeding all over medbay. ticketed for by Hazel Adenine 0 points
Spatial tear ticketed for Not letting me get to the other side of station also what the fuck we are under water and moving why the fuck is there a spatial tear here ? by Emma White 0 points
Fat and sassy space-bee ticketed for Blocking me in the foyer's checkpoint by Naemi Ambrelac 0 points
Cursor Bee