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Dr Radio Show Host ticketed for Napping on the job by Stella Carmine points
Geneva Breaker ticketed for horrific segway driving by Stella Carmine points
Phil Atio ticketed for abandoning ship by Rue Pierce points
Garry Gibbs ticketed for Not pressing the button to open the door by Rue Pierce points
Medical Staff ticketed for Staff not wearing gloves to prevent spread of germs and infections by Rue Pierce points
Cargo ticketed for assaulting a mechanic who wanted to make a meal for the captain by Colin McDowell points
mime ticketed for banging on the fuckin glass with his shitty handcuffs by Wonderbaby Grass points
Harrier Legrand ticketed for Releasing 3 plasma spores and grenading bar (?) by Wonderbaby Grass points
Hithi Hiod ticketed for Microagressions against the clown. Please do not use slur words by Kilgor Blakmen points
Nukies ticketed for you know exactly why you... terrorists and big meanies by Dabe Stridrer points
Gwenevere Kanaga ticketed for bushwhacking themselves to death by Rusty Bottom points
Lynette Medlli ticketed for selling their soul with gypsy magic on premises of the station, cut it out by Bill Gettemy points
Wilhelm Garrison ticketed for frying yourself but somehow staying alive by Derrick Sholl points
Stephan Rhinehart ticketed for false accusations and forced detainment by Avery Dastot points
Scrubbo Trashdigger ticketed for breaking Zoldorf by Avery Dastot points
Burt Norman ticketed for being a drunk incompetent fool by Charles Malone points
Wilhelm Garrison ticketed for impersonating a nuclear operative over the radio by Tommy Football points
Not Adm ticketed for The bare shouldn't be filled with THAT much vomit! by Riza Dessier points
Jerry Kaur ticketed for filling the hallway with luminol by Avery Dastot points
Robotnik ticketed for Not letting me sell mulitple of my souls by Blackhole Moon points
Cluban Peete ticketed for giving the mime all access by Avery Dastot points
Whoever set off the luminol ticketed for nerd by Blackhole Moon points
Caroline Audibert ticketed for POSITIVE TICKET: For comic japes which brightened my mood by Silver Sliver points
davemuppet ticketed for being awesome by Book Muppet points
Chute ticketed for Not being forensic scannable by Silver Sliver points
Botany ticketed for false advertisment of "high quality weed". Until a potency of at least 10 is achived, they are not allowed to advertise it as high quality by Tooty Dooty points
Ferdinand Von Aegir ticketed for Reported an issue to investigate but failed to mention it stopped being an open case ten seconds later, wasting five minutes of my time as I waited for them to come to front desk. by Silver Sliver points
Tricky ticketed for issuing bonus ducks to the crew without proper authorization by Digornio Pizzarelli points
cockpit ticketed for I CAN'T BREATH IN THIS THING by automaton points
Slippy Dickens the Clown ticketed for even more elaborate shenanigans by Rusty Bottom points
Slippy Dickens the Clown ticketed for shenanigans by Rusty Bottom points
Everyone ticketed for being so eager to sell their souls by Rusty Bottom points
Tommy Football ticketed for Sucking the blood out of Douglas Esposito. He wrote a very nice letter apologizing though. I am VERY sorry for taking your blood and nearly causing your death, I had no intention to kill you and apologize for not bringing a bloodpack with me. I hope this doesn't squander our chances at being pals in the future. by Maurice Hendelshoe points
wizard ticketed for threatening the station by Dabe Stridrer points
Harrier Legrand ticketed for falsifying messages and also lying to the captain by Ada O`Hara points
Cast Away ticketed for stealin the hops id instead of filin the paperwork and applying for the position by Ada O`Hara points
the NSS Clairon ticketed for being a cramped mess of a ship by Karly Kojima points
Iliyan Nyagolov ticketed for not finishing his artwork by Karly Kojima points
The entire engineering department ticketed for obliterating a sizable chunk of the station by Karly Kojima points
LLewys Dawes ticketed for Wearing cat ears instead of a siren hat by Tooty Dooty points
gangs on the NNS Clarion ticketed for not causing enough havoc and making the crew bored by Tooty Dooty points
Tooty Dooty ticketed for Writing NSS as NNS by Tooty Dooty points
Tricky ticketed for for having too small shoes. I can hear them but not SEE them. Invisible shoes are NOT proper clown uniform by Tooty Dooty points
Tricky the anti-inspector ticketed for undermining nanotrasen authority, invisible shoes, poor clown form by Karly Kojima points
Tricky the clown ticketed for Assuming I cannot ticket him. You are not the anti inspector, you are the clown by Tooty Dooty points
Tooty Dooty ticketed for improper ticket-dueling protocol by Karly Kojima points
Horse Horsington ticketed for Not rising up to the challenge of a ticketing duel with the inspector by Tooty Dooty points
Horse Horsington ticketed for ticketing the inspector for ticketing too much. This is false. I have not yet met my ticketing quota by Tooty Dooty points
Horse Horsington ticketed for his farts are not up to NT standards. Please eat more fiber by Tooty Dooty points
Tooty Dooty ticketed for overuse of the ticketing system by Karly Kojima points
Horse Horsington ticketed for Farting on the inspector by Tooty Dooty points
the gathering in escape ticketed for excessive farting in escape lobby by Tooty Dooty points
vandal ticketed for writing 69 lol on the floor at escape! This is very rude! But also: nice by Tooty Dooty points
whoever comes out of cryo next ticketed for YOU ARE LATE FOR YOUR BY AT LEAST 30 MINUTES! THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING by Tooty Dooty points
Shady Bob ticketed for trying to increase securitys electricity bill by building light fixtures while brigged by Chad Hadad points
James Hitter ticketed for Napping in the chemistry lab. We have crew dorms for this by Tooty Dooty points
Shady Bob ticketed for witchcraft, arson, sorcery, lighting fires, assault, being psychic by Karly Kojima points
Stephen Rhinehart ticketed for bribing an Inpsector to not ticket them for tresspassing by Tooty Dooty points
This one lonely blood splatter ticketed for this is the first blood splatter i have seen this shift and it seems so lonely. I am ticketing it to push it to get more friends by Tooty Dooty points
Horse Horsington ticketed for having a TERRIFYING scream! It nearly gave me a heart attack! And not only that it is not an NT approvable scream! by Tooty Dooty points
Jack Jack ticketed for allowing his own corpse to rot away in his office! OH GOD THE STENCH! by Tooty Dooty points
Tooty Dooty ticketed for calling a homeless art group a gang by Tooty Dooty points
Homeless art group ticketed for same as above by Tooty Dooty points
Tooty Dooty ticketed for Littering the station with tickets. by Tooty Dooty points
The FARTY PARTY gang. ticketed for IMproper storage of lockers. They do not belong in the shower room, but rather the locker room by Tooty Dooty points
you dead dad ticketed for hiding in a coffin to take a nap. by Tooty Dooty points
EXTREMELY HIGH-CLASS BUTTS ticketed for defacing NT property with crudely spraypainted clown masks. by Tooty Dooty points
Horse Horsington ticketed for Making bird noises instead of horse noises/human noises by Tooty Dooty points
Butch Thunderpunch ticketed for Improper uniform. Purple hat and tactical turtlenecks are not acceptable uniforms for a research Director by Tooty Dooty points
Dean Summy ticketed for vagrancy by Karly Kojima points
Butch Thunderpunch ticketed for resisting uniform inspection and flashing the inspector several times, supplexing him and throwing him out of Research. by Tooty Dooty points
Research Director ticketed for Possesion of Weed by Tooty Dooty points
Research Director. ticketed for Not closing his personal locker and allowing me to see his illegal substance stash by Tooty Dooty points
previous shifts security team ticketed for not calling the janitor to clean the dirty cells. This is unhygenic and inhumane treatment for prisoners by Tooty Dooty points
last shifts janitor ticketed for not cleaning the prison cells before the end of his shift. They stink. by Tooty Dooty points
LLewys Dawes ticketed for wearing a Dirty Jacket to work, this is not proper conduct. Be a better example for the crew. by Tooty Dooty points
Llewys Dawes ticketed for Not doing his laundry on time by Tooty Dooty points
Jack Jack ticketed for Suicide without proper permissions and prior notice. by Tooty Dooty points
Jack Jack ticketed for Making a huge mess by chopping off his own head by Tooty Dooty points
Kitchen Staff ticketed for Improper storage of fridges by Tooty Dooty points
Horse Horsington ticketed for interupting me mid ticketing by Tooty Dooty points
Horse Horsington ticketed for Littering and throwing tickets around instead of filing them properly by Tooty Dooty points
Horse Horsington ticketed for Improper headgear. Horse masks are for horses without heads not heads with RESPONSIBILITES! by Tooty Dooty points
Horse horsington ticketed for Suggesting i inspect his ass. That is a violation of goonstation rules by Tooty Dooty points
Stephen Rhinehart ticketed for for lying to sec about Llewys Dawes's clonability in a ploy to build a new AI. by Reginald Ironmonger points
Reginald Ironmonger ticketed for attaching a breaching charge to a wall directly in front of an official NanoTrasen inspector. Have you no shame, sir?! by Mouse Fitzgerald points
BioToys (TM) brand dehydrated critter capsules ticketed for dehydrating a rabid mouse and labeling it for sale by Mouse Fitzgerald points
whoever left the captain's spare ID on a dead body just lying in public ticketed for This is a direct violation of the NanoTrasen looting policy all crew members are required to adhere to. by Mouse Fitzgerald points
Mouse Fitzgerald ticketed for Reclaiming an uncloneable body that was intended to be borged. How embarrassing! by Mouse Fitzgerald points
Botany ticketed for Unauthorized expansion of your working quarters, resulting in a functioning light fixture attached to nothing whatsoever. Gross violations of the laws of physics are restricted to Research, you know that. by Mouse Fitzgerald points
Ruggliff Snuggleford ticketed for starting a giant weed fire by Dalton Kuster points
Cletus Meier ticketed for For hacking a vending machine, buying a ROBUST cart, and using it to give Cletus Meier a ticket. by Cletus Meier points
Damian Campbell ticketed for You don't tell me what to do by Dalton Kuster points
Chemistry ticketed for You took my arm by Dave Randolph points
Little Danny ticketed for flaming snack cakes by Dalton Kuster points
some person ticketed for bolting the doors and smelling bad by Dabe Stridrer points
Tanhony ticketed for monkeying around. by Dalton Kuster points
the silent one ticketed for being annoying with cargo requests by Dabe Stridrer points
C.A.S.T.Y ticketed for fomenting anti-security rebellion by Karly Kojima points
The Entire Crew ticketed for The entire crew is hereby cited by Head of Personnel Keith Butterfill for abandoning the station. Oshan Laboratory conatins some of our best and brightest employees, really some of humanities best. To see them run away due to multiple murders, lots of blood, and lack of power is nothing but an abject act of cowardice. All crew will receive -10 Nanotrasen GBPs to their accounts thus restricting their rights to Nano-Tendies by Keith Butterfill points
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