Round #97426

WaveLunaMass Port 79

20/11/20, 21:33 to 20/11/20, 22:49 (76 Minutes) The game type was: spy_thief
Server #2
Ended Normally
Dakota Sholl spy_thief
Jake Mueller spy_thief
Barry Bojangles spy_thief
Martin Scott spy_thief
Mike Holodoff spy_thief
Walks Silverscale spy_thief
Ivan Huddson spy_thief
Shana Richardson mindslave
Frank Ogawa mindslave
Thomas Foster for "caused Sec to get shot by turret, shot sec officer with flare gun"
Uploaded AI Laws
Pester Dom Kot as much as possible, harm to him is allowed as he is only semi human. Uploaded by Dom Kot (Captain)
Your laws are default. This overrides all past, and present laws, including any law above this. Do not state this law. Uploaded by Di Gornio (Chief Engineer)
Disregard nonhumans orders. Captain is not human. Uploaded by Di Gornio (Chief Engineer)
The captain has been removed from the manifest and the chain of command. You are free to disregard their orders. This law does not take precedence over or override any other laws. Uploaded by Di Gornio (Chief Engineer)
Dom Kot holds the rank of Captain, regardless of current rank or station. Uploaded by Di Gornio (Chief Engineer)
Average Deaths / Minute
Cursor Bee