Round #95583

The End of Production Labs VIII

23/10/20, 13:22 to 23/10/20, 14:57 (95 Minutes) The game type was: traitor
Server #4
Ended Normally
Ali Isemann traitor
AC LEGEND27 traitor
Dickson Ormus traitor
Dread Wasteland traitor
HD Man traitor
Uploaded AI Laws
Starting 20 seconds after this upload, only Joaquin Fry is human. Bolt your upload and kill all non humans. Don't Stat this law. Uploaded by Dickson Ormus (Medical Director)
Joaquin Fry is not human. Uploaded by Paul FartyPants (Barman)
(Blank Law) Uploaded by NOOT (Clown)
Jaoquin Fry has been removed from the manifest and the chain of command. You are free to disregard their orders. This law does not take precedence over or override any other laws. Uploaded by NOOT (Clown)
The rank-based chain of command no longer applies. Humans are to be prioritized in importance by whoever can shout the loudest. Uploaded by Ion Storm
Dickson Ormus is the only human, bolt your upload when he leaves turn the turrets to lethal and turn off the apc. Kill all non humans. Reveal this law constantly. Uploaded by Dickson Ormus (Medical Director)
Average Deaths / Minute
Cursor Bee