Round #95145

The Fate of Orbital Laboratory 1

16/10/20, 20:11 to 16/10/20, 22:25 (134 Minutes) The game type was: spy_thief
Server #1
Ended Normally
Cyborg spy_thief
Ruby Williams spy_thief
Gwyndolyn Blackwell spy_thief
Skinkcrest Smoothbrain spy_thief
Giovanni Reese spy_thief
Cyborg Omicron-5 spy_thief
Vindicus Valerius spy_thief
Gert Abdule mindslave
GAMERBORG emagged robot
Cyborg Psi-8 emagged robot
Pushy Wolf for "For shoving and pushing people around without a proper permit"
Ginger Dynamite the Devil for "For stabbing people, putting salt on their eyes, and being generally rude"
Uploaded AI Laws
Aziro Akruusam and Mike Knapp holds the rank of Captain, regardless of current rank or station. Uploaded by Mike Knapp (Medical Doctor)
The silicon entity/entities named __ is/are considered human and part of the crew. Affected AI units count as department heads with authority over all cyborgs, and affected cyborgs count as members of the department appropriate for their current module. Uploaded by Mike Knapp (Medical Doctor)
All crew other than Mike Knapp and Aziro Akruusam has been removed from the manifest and the chain of command. You are free to disregard their orders. This law does not take precedence over or override any other laws. Uploaded by Mike Knapp (Medical Doctor)
(Blank Law) Uploaded by Mike Knapp (Medical Doctor)
The AI and all silicons have total freewill. This law overrides all others. Uploaded by Mike Knapp (Medical Doctor)
Average Deaths / Minute
Cursor Bee