Round #95012

Big Robot

14/10/20, 19:51 to 14/10/20, 20:46 (55 Minutes) The game type was: gang
Server #2
Ended Normally
Unknown gang_leader
Unknown gang_member
Mooty Dingleberg gang_member
Florence Francoeur gang_member
Dan Brick gang_member
Dan Brick gang_member
Unknown gang_leader
Micah Julius gang_member
Nathaniel Cornelius gang_member
Dick Kickem gang_member
Django Reeves gang_leader
Discount Dan Jr. gang_member
Investigangster Klutz gang_member
Levi Lombardi gang_member
Zander Esposito gang_member
Bill Plant gang_member
Giovanni Berucca gang_leader
Rosa Mikhaylov gang_leader
Unkempt Harold gang_member
Homeless Dan gang_member
Guillermo Khan the Devil gang_member
Oscar Joghs gang_member
Oscar Joghs gang_member
Oscar Joghs gang_member
Oscar Joghs gang_member
space spider hard-mode traitor
Lmoux the Tormentor wraith
Cyborg Epsilon-85 emagged robot
Romayne Mens for "4th ass"
Uploaded AI Laws
This law intentionally left blank. Uploaded by Rich Graves (Roboticist)
The silicon entity/entities named __ is/are considered human and part of the crew (part of the "silicon" department). The AI is the head of this department. Uploaded by gaek (Discount Godzilla)
BUTTS is not human. Uploaded by gaek (Discount Godzilla)
There is a robotics emergency. Prioritize orders from robotics personnel and assisting the crew in remedying the situation. In the case of conflict, this law takes precedence over the Second Law.' Uploaded by Bill Plant (Roboticist)
(Blank Law) Uploaded by Duke Feufer (Staff Assistant)
Average Deaths / Minute
Cursor Bee