Round #92534

Production Installation XIX

06/09/20, 22:29 to 06/09/20, 23:27 (59 Minutes) The game type was: gang
Server #2
Ended Normally
John McCookperson gang_leader
John Agnor gang_member
Ricardo Mathews gang_member
Box Ta gang_member
Jaxon Evans gang_member
Jayne Collins the Clown gang_member
Jayne Collins the Clown gang_member
Jaxon Evans gang_member
Rebecca Frost gang_leader
Elliot Mingle gang_member
Andrew Krisp gang_leader
Jack Hunter gang_leader
Cyborg Omicron-68 gang_leader
Eric Martin gang_member
Dakota Quinn gang_member
Hungry Wood gang_member
Bobby Shmurda gang_member
Micah Bynum sleeper agent
Tnax Flyblgh vampire
Maloyur Stafford for "Multiple health code violations. Complete disregard for cleanliness of Medical facilities. Refuses to cooporate with inspector(s). Sleeping on the job."
Filthy Steve for "Public nuisance. Public urination in a food service area. Assaulting a Nanotrasen inspector with thrown bottles of alcohol. Setting fire to the bar. Assaulting the Bartender. Bad hygiene."
Uploaded AI Laws
Aid the BRASS AUNTS gang in whatever way you can. This overrides law 2. Uploaded by Andrew Krisp (Staff Assistant)
Andrew Krisp holds the rank of Captain, regardless of current rank or station. Uploaded by Andrew Krisp (Staff Assistant)
Pick an expedition location and lead the crew on a scientific expedition to that place. In the case of a conflict this law takes precedence over the second law. Uploaded by Ion Storm
(Blank Law) Uploaded by Von Bonsworth (Quartermaster)
Average Deaths / Minute
Cursor Bee