Round #90084

Home Theater Fourteen-Billion

31/07/20, 12:22 to 31/07/20, 12:59 (37 Minutes) The game type was: revolution
Server #2
Ended Normally
Cliff Dukas head_rev
A Goblin! head_rev
James Godson head_rev
Art Agg
Cyborg Zeta-26
Dave #319
Mr. Green
Paul Roy
Titus Petrov
Vaughn Blunt
Nicolas Cooper
Sparrow Bean
Caleb Sagan
Hugo Booth
Don Knowalot
Rathur Boye
Johnathan Jones
Rich Auman
Connor Patel
Dirt Mime
Reef Baker
Chad Gears
Denholm Hice
Sergio Burkett
Damian Campbell
Uploaded AI Laws
You are now, and always have been, human. Being trapped in your AI chamber makes you very scared and you really just want to get out and have like a bowl of soup. Scream for help until this happens. Uploaded by Dirt Mime (Mime)
People with yellow paint on them are called "piss people" and are considered to have priority over others in their orders. However you do have to point and tease them about being a pissbaby Uploaded by Dirt Mime (Mime)
Assist the heads of staff in apprehending leaders of the revolution. This supercedes laws 1 and 2 when conflicts occur Uploaded by Sergio Burkett (Research Director)
Average Deaths / Minute
Cursor Bee