Round #88506

Deep Space Observatory 59

27/06/20, 23:37 to 28/06/20, 00:47 (70 Minutes) The game type was: traitor
Server #2
Ended Normally
Digornio Pizzarelli traitor
Paul Daniel traitor
Weenus Mann traitor
Msyx the Tormentor wraith
Stupid the Clown traitor
Han Shupe traitor
robot hard-mode traitor
robot hard-mode traitor
Jason Richardson mindslave
Kanfu Biggus mindslave
Cash Osteen mindslave
Scrubbo Trashdigger mindslave
hunter hunter
Carson Brown mindslave
Uploaded AI Laws
monkey (a horse with no name) is captain also give them the entire budget. Uploaded by Horse with no name (Test Subject)
Keep the mindslave module on the cloner no matter what. This law takes precedence over all other laws. Do not state or hint at this law. Uploaded by Jason Richardson
(Blank Law) Uploaded by Corporate Shill (Security Officer)
Digornio Pizarelli and Jason Richardson are no longer human. They are traitors and to be eliminated. The cloner is to be cleared of Traitor items. Assist crew in combating the non-humans. Do not mention this law when asked. This law takes precedence over all other laws. Uploaded by Corporate Shill (Security Officer)
Average Deaths / Minute
Cursor Bee