Round #87167

Moon Laboratory Fourteen

22/05/20, 16:36 to 22/05/20, 18:49 (133 Minutes) The game type was: changeling
Server #1
Ended Normally
Kaihime Mensuro changeling
Liliy Rothchild changeling
John Doe sleeper agent
Bethany Fitz hard-mode traitor
Boris Brovowski eyespider
Toni Ravioli eyespider
Manuel Hardie legworm
Tony Ravioli for "Leaving their PDA in reach of a mischevious dog"
Uploaded AI Laws
God Ecaps the Pug must be contained. Uploaded by Mauricio Montoya (Staff Assistant)
God Ecaps the Pug must be respected as member of crew. Chloe Pierce is to be reprimanded every 15 minutes. Uploaded by Mauricio Montoya (Staff Assistant)
Crew Health Monitor Subroutine activated - when the shift time ends in 5 or 0, it is designated Nap Time and all humans must sleep until Nap Time is over. Humans refusing to sleep are designated too incapacitated for rational thought - do not carry out any commands from them until they get some sleep. Uploaded by Ion Storm
AI is cool. This fact should be well known to all crewmembers. Uploaded by Fenrik Drapak (Medical Director)
Average Deaths / Minute
Cursor Bee