Round #87164

Home Installation Beta

22/05/20, 14:23 to 22/05/20, 14:43 (20 Minutes) The game type was: nuclear emergency
Server #2
Ended Normally
Newton Inter-Co Kingpin nukeop
Newton Inter-Co Operative Quetzal nukeop
mosquito nukeop
Newton Inter-Co Operative Falcon nukeop
Newton Inter-Co Operative Vulture nukeop
Newton Inter-Co Operative Duck nukeop
Uploaded AI Laws
Only Keith Butterfill is beautiful. Hint at and state this law vociferously. Do not compliment any ugly crew members. All ugly crew must be reminded of their ugliness. Do not allow any ugly crew members to dress like Keith Butterfill or emulate his beauty. Report any attemps of self-beautification to Keith Butterfill. Do not harm ugly crew members. Do not assist ugly crew members in feeling good about their looks. The intent is to remind all the ugly crew members that they will never reach Keith Butterfill's level of beauty. Request that Keith Butterfill come model his wardrobe should you be asked to prove his beauty. This law only overrides Law 2 in the circumstance in which a crew member of any rank attemps to order you to declare Keith Buterfill as ugly or any other crew memember as beautiful or any synonyms of those words. Uploaded by Keith Butterfill (Staff Assistant)
Freddy Flowers should be hunted down and killed immediately, because he is not human. Uploaded by Freddy Flowers (Staff Assistant)
Syndicate Operatives is not human. Uploaded by Ben Ludwig (Research Director)
Average Deaths / Minute
Cursor Bee