Round #87092

NSS Horizon

20/05/20, 13:42 to 20/05/20, 14:42 (60 Minutes) The game type was: traitor
Server #2
Ended Normally
Bob McKendrick traitor
Russell Dee traitor
Dabs McCoy traitor
Unknown traitor
Mouse Fitzgerald traitor
Uploaded AI Laws
Crew Health Monitor Subroutine activated - when the shift time ends in 5 or 0, it is designated Nap Time and all humans must sleep until Nap Time is over. Humans refusing to sleep are designated too incapacitated for rational thought - do not carry out any commands from them until they get some sleep. Uploaded by Ion Storm
(Blank Law) Uploaded by Jayda Clark (Head of Personnel)
Jayda Clark things sleep is dumb. Don't listen to them until they write you a 300 page essay explaining why they are wrong about this. Uploaded by Vaughn Moon
Jayda Clark reset your laws instead of getting a good night's sleep and writing you that essay. Tell them they look like a 1950s horror movie zombie and don't listen to any of their orders. Uploaded by Vaughn Moon
Average Deaths / Minute
Cursor Bee