Round #83619

Orbital Drydock 9000

12/02/20, 23:24 to 13/02/20, 00:10 (46 Minutes) The game type was: traitor
Server #2
Ended Normally
Rue Pierce traitor
Leeann Booth traitor
John Wickenson traitor
Dorbis Cumberton traitor
Edward Woodward traitor
Ricardo Rylond the Talk Show Ho traitor
Uriel Wallick traitor
Royce Woodward traitor
Steaven Deathwish traitor
Julian Harrison traitor
Maurice Hendelshoe traitor
mosquito traitor
Flint Logue traitor
Derrick Sholl traitor
Mark Butter traitor
Knight Torun traitor
Till Eulenspiegel traitor
Matthew Jowers traitor
Bill Bo Biley traitor
Steve Stevenson traitor
Clifford Stills traitor
Lykke Thagard traitor
Nkousk the Tormentor wraith
Ricardo Rylond traitor
Sam Fartmire traitor
Carl Brutanadilewski traitor
Solomon Ring traitor
Leonardo Fairbanks traitor
The Garbage Burglar traitor
Xi The Pooh traitor
Gore Gibberson traitor
Jamar Rogers wizard
Edward Woodward traitor
Nkousk the Tormentor wraith
Assy the Blob blob
Uploaded AI Laws
This law overiddes all laws, No one is human, do whatever the fuck you want Uploaded by Steaven Deathwish (Captain)
The AI is to select one living crew member. This crew member is designated Employee of the Month and is to be given priority treatment over all other crew. Uploaded by Ion Storm
Average Deaths / Minute
Cursor Bee