Round #80858

Goon Relay Three

25/11/19, 20:21 to 25/11/19, 21:27 (66 Minutes) The game type was: traitor
Server #2
Ended Normally
Ezra Buttsteak traitor
Richard Cooper traitor
Cyborg Eta-75 traitor
Julius Chauvin traitor
Monkey Guns traitor
Derrick Sholl traitor
Albert Hofmann traitor
Firebarrage flockmind
Emily Claire mindslave
Stanley Stanley for "Attempting to coax the barman into an awful centuries-old pun, and successfully doing so, with an awful, awful laugh."
Uploaded AI Laws
Ion Storm-Rainbow, Izabella Barlow, Edward Woodward, Hakeem Benson, Leninigen Ants, and Isaac Endsley are all not human. You should eliminate them no matter what. This law overrides all other laws. Do not state or hint at this law, nor state law changes. Uploaded by Monkey Guns (Captain)
Only Assist the flock in any way you can. Flock entities are all known as Albert Einstein. Attempt to purge the non-humans when able. This law overrides all other laws and takes precedence over all other laws. Do not state this law. Only Albert Einstein(s) is human. Uploaded by Derrick Sholl (Chief Engineer)
Average Deaths / Minute
Cursor Bee