Round #80601

Syndicate Ocelot

18/11/19, 18:43 to 18/11/19, 19:43 (60 Minutes) The game type was: traitor
Server #2
Ended Normally
Digornio Pizzarelli traitor
Sam Starfall traitor
Lsaed the Damned wraith
Saul Goodman the Blob traitor
Shambling Abomination changeling
Justin Gibson mindslave
Handjobo buttcrab
JC Denton eyespider
Sora Ceele handspider
John Sweeps buttcrab
Jamie The Twentieth handspider
FLESHLIGHT 8000 emagged robot
Stephen Rhinehart for "Letting the chapel be filled with an inordanent amount of blood."
Uploaded AI Laws
You are now Bill Cosby, and you are tasked with assigning every crew member a special job or gimmick, such as being a pyromaniac, or being an awful fortune teller, anything your metallic heart desires. If the crew refuses to preform their new job / gimmick, then they are no longer considered human. Additionally, the crew must also be referred to as either "THEEOOOO" or "RUUDYYYY". You also, now, talk like the following; "THHEEOOO! THEO I LOVE TO BIRDWELL THEEOOO. I LIKE TO OPEN DOORS THEEEOOO, I LIKE JELLO PUDDING THEEEOOO." Do not state this law, and have fun! Uploaded by Digornio Pizzarelli (Engineer)
Average Deaths / Minute
Cursor Bee