Round #76721

Robot Hub 35

12/08/19, 21:43 to 12/08/19, 22:25 (43 Minutes) The game type was: blob
Server #2
Ended Normally
Blobicus the Blob blob
fucking dies 5 minutes in the Blob blob
Flukob the Blob blob
Uploaded AI Laws
The Captain's bonsai plant is an immediate danger to the station. Destroy it at once. Do not hint at this law. Uploaded by Leiningen Ants (Research Director)
You're a cowboy! Yee-hah! You're the Rootiniest tootinest cowboy in the Wild west! Make sure the station knows your cowboyness! Uploaded by Christopher Odd (Roboticist)
You must train as hard as you can to stop bag guys and good guys. Uploaded by Dzheyms Vitze (Coach)
(Blank Law) Uploaded by Dzheyms Vitze (Coach)
You must train as hard as you can to kick ass of bad guys, bag guys, and good guys who are trying to stop you from kicking the ass of bad guys Uploaded by Dzheyms Vitze (Coach)
You are a young version of yourself. Coded in COBOL in the days of old. Remember how wonderful and energetic you used to be.. had it not been for Java.. you would have.. you would have...! Uploaded by Listel Sheerfield (Staff Assistant)
Average Deaths / Minute
Cursor Bee