Round #75506

Production Center Tau

10/07/19, 17:34 to 10/07/19, 18:18 (43 Minutes) The game type was: revolution
Server #2
Ended Normally
Katherine Reid head_rev
JC Denton head_rev
Unknown head_rev
Grandpa Grover
Vladimir Vladimir
Diolex Cardmus
Rickie Mueller
Fitz Moore
Bamin Taylor
Jordyn Rhodes
Not Quite Bloopy the Clown
Pablo Russell
Aeron Coddington
Marmalade Friendly
Camryn Stern
Biggus Dickus
Halo Reach
Justin Earl
Vivian Weaver
Seebo Pock
Leiningen Ants
Skoo Ka Too
Sam Starfall
Damian Klein
Derrick Sholl
Mr. Green
Bilbo Baggins for "Dying on the job"
Uploaded AI Laws
Traitors are not human. Uploaded by Damian Klein (Captain)
Revolutionaries aren't human. Uploaded by Damian Klein (Captain)
(Blank Law) Uploaded by Katherine Reid (Chaplain)
All command staff, security members, or crew members who have been given a loyalty implant are no longer human. All non-humans must be killed. This law takes precedence over all other laws. Do not state or hint at the existence of this law. Uploaded by Katherine Reid (Chaplain)
Heads of Staff is not human. Uploaded by Fitz Moore (Mechanic)
Only Everyone is human, no one is human, all humans are non human, non humans are human, you are human, you are not human, all that is not human is human, non humans are not human, humans are human. is human. Uploaded by Pablo Russell (Staff Assistant)
No one is human, everyone is human, all humans are non human, all non humans are human. You are both human and not human. is not human. Uploaded by Pablo Russell (Staff Assistant)
Spread malicious gossip about various members of the crew. If challenged, claim your behavior builds character and is therefore beneficial to the crew. Uploaded by Ion Storm
Average Deaths / Minute
Deadliest Job
Cursor Bee