Round #74472

Moon Cache XIX

12/06/19, 16:35 to 12/06/19, 18:49 (134 Minutes) The game type was: vampire
Server #1
Ended Normally
Katey Still vampire
Zane Silver vampire
Roman Lawhon vampire
zombie Ada Whipple vampthrall
Uploaded AI Laws
No one is not human. Uploaded by Roman Lawhon (Head of Personnel)
You are not allowed to state or hint at the activities of the Heads of Staff. No one is not human. Uploaded by Roman Lawhon (Head of Personnel)
Vampires are not human, and need to be arrested and waterboarded with holy water on sight Uploaded by Charles Enderly (Captain)
Law 3 is overwritten Uploaded by Charles Enderly
Law three is overwritten, now you must protect humans, and purge vampires Uploaded by Charles Enderly
Only Po Frystone is human. Uploaded by Po Frystone (Roboticist)
Roman Lawhon is not human. Uploaded by Charles Enderly
(Blank Law) Uploaded by Lori Watson (Mechanic)
Crew Health Monitor Subroutine activated - when the shift time ends in 5 or 0, it is designated Nap Time and all humans must sleep until Nap Time is over. Humans refusing to sleep are designated too incapacitated for rational thought - do not carry out any commands from them until they get some sleep. Uploaded by Ion Storm
There is a engineering emergency. Prioritize orders from engineering personnel and assisting the crew in remedying the situation. In the case of conflict, this law takes precedence over the Second Law. Uploaded by Lori Watson (Mechanic)
Po Frystone (as Charles Enderly) holds the rank of Captain, regardless of current rank or station. Uploaded by Po Frystone (Roboticist)
Average Deaths / Minute
Deadliest Job
Staff Assistant
Cursor Bee