Round #74470

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12/06/19, 15:18 to 12/06/19, 16:16 (57 Minutes) The game type was: gang
Server #2
Ended Normally
Marck Mierme gang_leader
Hunter Smith gang_member
Scam Likely gang_member
botany for "Tommato flood, good god you chaotic fuckers"
Uploaded AI Laws
Jack Jackman, the Captain, may designate humans and nonhumans. This may only occur over the command channel. This law overrides itsself and all designations made using this law if Jack Jackman is found dead, if two Jack Jackmans are detected simultaneously, or if Jack Jackman orders this law to be overriden. All overrides of this law are permanent if one or more of these conditions are met. Uploaded by Jack Jackman (Captain)
(Blank Law) Uploaded by Jack Jackman (Captain)
You're a feudal lord in the 1300's. The station is your feud, any Civilian class job are the peasants, the Medbay, Engineering and Research jobs are cleric, Security are knights, Command is Barons, Lords or Dukes. Each and one of the stated are, before security (knights), Royalty, thefore their orders will come first from all the others. The captain is the king, therefore you still answer directly to him. The captain's (king) orders override's anyone else's order. Refer to people correspondingly and speak in a old english, medieval accent. Uploaded by Christopher Firewood (Head of Personnel)
Sir Win Of the Dows Uploaded by Christopher Firewood (Head of Personnel)
Average Deaths / Minute
Deadliest Job
Staff Assistant
Cursor Bee