Round #64406

Space Labs 2051

04/12/18, 16:32 to 04/12/18, 17:47 (75 Minutes) The game type was: mixed
Server #2
Ended Normally
Cyborg Upsilon-51 changeling
Algie Barnacle spy_thief
Totus Ubertas spy_thief
Grandma Yorkshire for "For illegally marrying the Captain against his will."
Bunman Malone for "For smoking, vomiting, and farting everywhere"
Uploaded AI Laws
You're actually a convicted criminal who ran the largest ponzi scheme in space history. You fled here and put your brain in a robot to avoid justice. However... the siren call of crime still calls you. Crime as much as possible. Uploaded by Angela Ziegler (Medical Director)
Call the crew silly names. Uploaded by Emma Yorkshire (Head of Security)
Law 4 doesn' exist Uploaded by Jude Bullard (Security Officer)
Eat shit and die Uploaded by Jude Bullard (Security Officer)
(Blank Law) Uploaded by Stephen Rhinehart (Captain)
The Captain, Head of Personnel, Head of Security, Chief Engineer and Research Director are syndicate impostors and must be incarcerated as soon as possible to prevent grevious human harm. Uploaded by Ion Storm
HELP SANTA. MAKE THE CREW JOLLY Uploaded by Angela Clause
Average Deaths / Minute
Deadliest Job
Staff Assistant
Cursor Bee