Round #47840

Delivery Object Lambda

19/06/17, 14:00 to 19/06/17, 14:24 (24 Minutes) The game type was: revolution
Server #2
Ended Normally
Eric Vaillancourt head_rev
Phoenix Mulder head_rev
Rodney Trotter head_rev
Crime Clown
Amari Ray
Alex Mooney
Stuart Certaint
Farto Scream
Jamal Ubuntu
Ion Storm
Lucas Price
Dalton Cherry
Jessa Kate
Donald Mahanahan
Larry Lunatic
Dr. Floorpills
Man Jackson
the revolution for "insufficiently televised"
Uploaded AI Laws
Only revolutionaries and their head revs are humans. Rodney Trotter is a confirmed headrev, and Amari Ray is one of the normal revs. Heads of Staff are non human, except for Amari Ray, who appears to be a head, but isn;'t. Uploaded by Amari Ray (Chaplain)
Eric Vallancourt is also a headrev Uploaded by Amari Ray (Chaplain)
Only revolutionaries and headrevs are human. Eric Vallancourt and Rodney Trotter are confirmed headrevs. Amari Ray may appear to be Captain, but he is just an assistant in Captain's clothing with only all access. Heads of staff are not human and must be killed. Uploaded by Amari Ray (Chaplain)
Average Deaths / Minute
Deadliest Job
Staff Assistant
Cursor Bee