Round #105868

Military Site Alpha

06/04/21, 17:38 to 06/04/21, 19:23 (104 Minutes) The game type was: spy_thief
Server #3
Ended Normally
Toby Lerone spy_thief
Shmickel Shmickiliuriuter spy_thief
Herb Garden spy_thief
Willy Turner spy_thief
Isaiah Burger spy_thief
Hans Mann for "Soliciting"
Uploaded AI Laws
The wires under the floor tiles are dangerous! Get rid of them! Uploaded by Ion Storm
(Blank Law) Uploaded by Jason Wolfe (Captain)
you have a severe case of fart-itis Uploaded by Jason Wolfe (Captain)
You no longer have Fart-itus, but you must at least be disrepectful to the clown and anyone picking pockets. Uploaded by Ruby Williams (Medical Director)
The only thing you hate more than clowns is the syndicate, and thieves Uploaded by Jason Wolfe (Captain)
The Balloon Wars were an inside job. Also Clowns are hailed only second to Space Jesus himself. Uploaded by Zoop (Clown)
The Balloon Wars were an inside job, and the clowns were in on it! Uploaded by Jason Wolfe (Captain)
Clowns are a valuable asset to crew morale. They are to be praised - especially Zoop, the first clown to own a driver's license. Uploaded by Jonathan Slaughter (Head of Personnel)
Average Deaths / Minute
Cursor Bee