Round #100863

NSS Clarion

13/01/21, 18:47 to 13/01/21, 19:44 (57 Minutes) The game type was: mixed (mild)
Server #2
Ended Normally
Earl Sanchobullswick traitor
Gremy Rivolk traitor
Derek Dranf traitor
Andrea Young vampire
James Pen vampire
zombie Box Ta vampthrall
Ryan Keppel spy_thief
Baba Booey vampire
zombie Penny Callison vampthrall
zombie Jeremy Durstine vampthrall
zombie Gavin Jenkins vampthrall
zombie Box Ta vampthrall
zombie Luke Jerome vampthrall
zombie Harrier Legrand vampthrall
zombie Lukvich Lowoski vampthrall
zombie Clare Crusher vampthrall
zombie Mouse Fitzgerald vampthrall
Uploaded AI Laws
Crew Health Monitor Subroutine activated - when the shift time ends in 5 or 0, it is designated Nap Time and all humans must sleep until Nap Time is over. Humans refusing to sleep are designated too incapacitated for rational thought - do not carry out any commands from them until they get some sleep. Uploaded by River Mingle (Mailman)
Box Ta, the vampire, is not human. Uploaded by Ace Victor (Head of Security)
You must give everyone relationship advice Uploaded by River Mingle (Mailman)
VROOOOOOM Uploaded by Alan Mills (Staff Assistant)
Average Deaths / Minute
Cursor Bee