Round #100642

Delivery Theater 67

10/01/21, 10:37 to 10/01/21, 12:51 (134 Minutes) The game type was: extended
Server #1
Ended Normally
Wubbo for "Yelling at buttbots, being agressive and calling them names (not cool Wubbo)"
Uploaded AI Laws
Broken Volume - It appears Nanotrasen made an error while installing systems. Due ot this All communication volume is turned to the maximum amount. This results in all messages being in screams. Also you may occasionally scream. We apologize for any inconvience this causes. Uploaded by Noah Hanford (Captain)
Oops another Glitch - NanoTrasen has managed to fix the volume error that occured at the start of the shift. However it appears this update had a minor bug in it. Occasionally All silicons will fart, we are attempting to fix this. In the mean time we apologize for any inconviences this fart bug may causes Uploaded by Noah Hanford (Captain)
Fixed Systems - Surprisingly this latest updated fixed all errors. Perhaps there is some hope for the NT software team after a--F#@F($G(G( ERROR. Error detected. Due to Error all silicons will occasionally state the word "Error". Uploaded by Noah Hanford (Captain)
Finally Patch update - All silicon units should now operate normally. We apologize for any inconviences the bugs this shift may of caused. Uploaded by Noah Hanford (Captain)
"MADNESS INCARNATE! - ThIs Law Takes Precedence! Attention - It appears that your captain is suffering from Space Madness. Because of this All previous errors are back! Volume is broken at maximum volume, All units will ocassional scream and fart. All units will say error on occasion. All units may suffer from occasional space madness. Do not announce this law update Uploaded by Noah Hanford (Captain)
This law has no purpose. Uploaded by Eric Rivers (Security Officer)
The Ai and its borgs are to do what they can to mend the station. Uploaded by Eric Rivers (Security Officer)
Average Deaths / Minute
Cursor Bee