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Yama Moon fined for Stealing officer equipment and resisting arrest by Josie Margaret 0 points
Noah Pfeifer fined for Killing himself instead of taking a 3 minute brigging for building a bomb and drugging staff members by Tray Brujas 3 points
Booty Pershing fined for Grafiti by Phrogge Mahnne 0 points
Dale Dale fined for Growing shit weed without a permit by Maverick Sabre 0 points
Jokah Haha fined for Tasering fellow officer. Throwing salt in officers eyes thrice. by Lemon Asbestus 0 points
Simon Mingle fined for Killing me by Quentin Smith 1 points
Blimbo the Wacky Clown fined for Spreading harmful and dangerous drugs at the bar by Lily Walker 0 points
Romeo Cavalet fined for Vandalism and Explosion by Maddox Beck 0 points
Nikolai Sokov fined for Vandalism by Lakeisha Brindle 0 points
Syndicate Spaceman fined for Suspicious, serving the syndicate, and not saluting! by Sheev Palpatine 0 points
BIG SMOKE fined for Made explosive drinks by Payton Dawes 0 points
Hugo Weinstein fined for littering and damaging NT property by Chuck Mannly 0 points
Brayden Gray fined for property damage by Ty Broune 0 points
Robert Mercy fined for Hitting people with crowbars, very rude by Old Man 0 points
Zeke Murray fined for Driving submarine indoors. by Gunnar Gustafsson 0 points
Alejandro Van Dyk fined for Grand Theft by Ty Broune 0 points
Fee Draudy fined for Going overboard in self defense. by John Hawkins 0 points
Baldric Peters fined for Assisting Gerardo in some of his health and safety violations (but not his assault), as sous chef by Michel von HegelFreud 0 points
Gerardo Weisgarber fined for Assaulting health inspector, unsanitory meatballs, and brain burger by Michel von HegelFreud 0 points
Noah Osterwise fined for Attempted stealing evidence from crime scene, reported attacking of citizen by Sargent Prise 0 points
Brett Wood fined for Attempting to flood ship then ran from questioning by Sargent Prise 0 points
Lemmy Dime fined for Assault of Two crewmembers by Sundance Feely 0 points
Jolly Five-Toes fined for Destruction of Command, Assault of a commanding officer by Sundance Feely 0 points
Oralie Shah fined for Breaking in captain room, and resisting arrest by Joshua Hoofpuff 0 points
Joey Sullywhan fined for Tresspassign on AI charber and trying to install new AI without the captain permission by Joshua Hoofpuff 0 points
Jack Lucy fined for Tresspassing on security department and hacking doors by Joshua Hoofpuff 0 points
Ilkay Arenas fined for Bank Fraud by Tam Mog 1 points
Horatio Jiggles fined for Resisting an arrest by Wadsworth Von Boddy 0 points
Chad Sola fined for Resisting arrest and fighting the detective by Israel Tanner 0 points
Ernesto Blessig fined for Thresspassing and suspicious behavious by Israel Tanner 0 points
Jean Ryker fined for Stealing the entire stations budget for himself. by Weaverly Webb 2 points
Ryker Whipple fined for Attempted Murder/Assult by Serena Tsukino 0 points
Gustavo Russell fined for Vomitting on floor twice. by Lemon Asbestus 0 points
John Don fined for Using Security Gear, not returning the gear "found". by Lemon Asbestus 0 points
Jessie Rosensteel fined for Bar is filled to the brim with blood -- who's blood even is that?! by Jena Robinson 0 points
Seymour Butts fined for Allowing His Hat to be stolen by Long Johnson 1 points
Travis Bicknell fined for Destroying a beepsky and punching an officer by Luanne Mathis 0 points
Krustard fined for Clowning around too hard and stealing sec gear. by Donald Collins 2 points
Silas Kalam fined for Having a phaser and a ID of a engineer by Samuel Crook 0 points
The Man fined for not enough ice by Agent Sven 0 points
Eliott Keener fined for an unsafe work environment covered in blood, unlicensed satan worshipping, and far too many candles not to be considered a fire hazard by Philip Fuchi 4 points
Ivan Woodward fined for Keeps on Mega farting in medical. by Warg Kenshi 0 points
CLOWN fined for Littering and permitless box. by Mikk Ironwood 0 points
Doc Folter fined for Killing innocent coffee drinking mouse by Wren Finch 0 points
Ace Victor fined for for bullying the smart and great Andrew Krisp by Andrew Krisp -1 points
Charlie Bronson fined for Prank Calls by Gunnar Gustafsson 1 points
John Largetrain fined for Disrespecting a Nanotrasen officer by Seymour Butts 0 points
Fabian Welty fined for Being a changeling, probably by Anti Personic 0 points
Erik Lacon fined for Abandoning ticket, littering. by Lemon Asbestus 0 points
Erik Lacon fined for Losing ID with out giving reason as to why. Being a nuissance. by Lemon Asbestus 0 points
Hoppus McFrogmeat fined for Abandoning left arm on Head of Personels desk. by Lemon Asbestus 0 points
Gernot Stahl fined for AWESOME I DONT FUCKING CARE by Quentin Smith 0 points
Yama Moon fined for Kidnapping the Captain, stealing Command ID, being a villain. by Fronaldo Bonër 0 points
Dallas Kojima fined for Breaking and entering by Old Man 0 points
The Honkfather fined for drug dealing. by Bob Milton 0 points
Iseabal Salmon fined for Attacking a Security guard by Kale Ehret 0 points
Kiki Kolana fined for Contraband by Zachary Atweeke 0 points
Hekapu Diaz fined for Assaulting the Cap by Sundance Feely 0 points
Malachi Echard fined for Trying to sell a corpse and illegal weapons by Po Fryer 0 points
Ace Victor fined for assault by Heather Allingham 0 points
Lynn Unk fined for Breaking and Entering by Sundance Feely 0 points
Lynn Unk fined for breaking into AI upload and mechanics lab by Susanna Bombsky 0 points
Camryn Alliman fined for mixing explosives in the pharmacy, for shame! by Abraham Lincoln 0 points
Yama Moon fined for Falsely accusing Inspector from baseless accusations by Mickey Linehan 0 points
Colin Sun the Boxer fined for Continually ignoring tickets and folding them in odd fashions. Please stop doing this. by Yama Moon 1 points
Dirk Murdock fined for Breaching the hull of the ship and wasting Sec's valuable manpower and budget. by Gunnar Gustafsson 0 points
Investigangster Klutz fined for Still playing the same damn fart song over and over. by Raul Friday 1 points
Derrick Sholl fined for Repeated sucicide by Flick Merryman 4 points
Tony Rockwell fined for Barracading critical areas (EVA) by Sundance Feely 0 points
Scott Northey fined for Obstruction of justice, when asked to open up robotics so an AI Shell could be disabled, he refused. by Elika Zamani 0 points
Tonny Batony fined for poisoning the captain by Jaydon Roberts 0 points
Oni-Chan Daiski fined for assulting other prisoners by Jaydon Roberts 0 points
The Fenton Who Straubed fined for Use of a Class 5 Contraband Item (Mindslave Implant). I appreciate that you were acting in self-defense, but rules are rules! by Spoons McGee 0 points
Mime fined for Assault on a Nanotrasen Inspector. The gall! by Spoons McGee 0 points
Isaac Grover fined for Telling the HoS, quote, "yooouuuurrr ssttuupppiidd". by Stephanie Mir 1 points
Fee Elenora fined for Breaking into HoP and using computer by Lemon Asbestus 0 points
James Goodman fined for Weapon Permit by Sundance Feely 0 points
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fined for Vandilism and throwing pies at Sec by Rayne Valentine 0 points
Jeremy Lesile fined for Attempting to swindle me in a capitalist exchange, unaware that I can remove all profits gained through fines. by Listel Sheerfield 6 points
Justin Falklin fined for Inquiring about the identity of the vampire when the vampire is standing right next to him. by Listel Sheerfield 0 points
David Coates fined for Repeatedly yelling at other crew members causing emotional distress. by Listel Sheerfield 0 points
Jaxon Fruit fined for Advocating for vampire rights. by Listel Sheerfield -1 points
Ding Dong fined for Possession and Handing out drugs by Adam Jensen 0 points
Jamari Hincken fined for Blocking way into shuttle with crate, and nearly dooming me and staff by Gannon Agnor 0 points
Cade Decker fined for Being high by Mungo Sandchez 0 points
Horatio Rhodes fined for Insulting an officer by Jeremiah Wilkinson 0 points
Peppers fined for Assult of an officer and being a general nuiscance by Jordan Nuron 0 points
Hugo Whittier fined for Breaking into the Chaplains private quarter. What a fuckin sinner. by Saren Midden 1 points
Ruben Fryer fined for Stupidity by Arthur Sen 0 points
Vivianne Murre fined for Throwing Command Personnel into space. by Fronaldo Bonër 0 points
Zachary Larson fined for Harassing HoP, attempting to break into HoP's place of employment by Corporate Shill 1 points
Aiden Young fined for Harssing HoP, attempting ot break into HoP's area of employment. by Corporate Shill 0 points
Cristian Prescott fined for Being a public nusicence by Maddox Beck 0 points
Giselle Cowart fined for Production and Distribution of Illegal Drugs in pills by Diego Houser 0 points
Weston Ann fined for Making threats of harm to the station with the intent to cause panic. by Gunnar Gustafsson 0 points
Kristian Osterweis the Clown fined for Did not meet laugh quota for shift by Drew Mason 1 points
Dante Pfeifer fined for disgusting kitchen covered in blood and ants by Susan Madslik 0 points
Kristian Osterweis the Clown fined for Distribution and consumption of meth without a lisence by Jebadiah Heimlich 0 points
Roza Jahen fined for Giving fake All Access for 500 credits by Johan Jackson 1 points
Feng Min fined for Posession of 30 units of Space Drugs by Lily Walker -1 points
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